Georg Trakl

Georg Trakl (1887 – 1914)

Georg Trakl was a Salzburg born poet and is considered to be one of the most important Austrian expressionists. His father was a Hungarian dealer of hardware and his mother was of Czech descent. Trakl began to write poetry at the age of thirteen. When he was about 20 years old (1908) he went to study pharmacy in Vienna and after receiving his certificate he joined the kaiserlich und königliche Armee (the official title of the Austrian-Hungarian army). When war broke out Trakl was send to Galicia as a medical official to attend wounded and dying soldiers. He could not stand the strain and suffered frequently from depression. On November 3, 1914 Georg Trakl died of a cocaine overdose at the military hospital in Krakow.

Trakl’s haunting and hallucinating poem Im Osten (In the East) is one of the central pieces on my album Krieg.