Greta Vermeulen

Greta Vermeulen (Den Haag, 1928)

Greta Vermeulen studied the ‘Boehm flute’ at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands, with Johan Feltkamp (1896 – 1962).  Her encounter with the Darmstadt compositional style was the main impulse leading to the conception of a new type of flute: the Vermeulen flute, a straight-blown slide flute.

On September 21, 1973 Greta Vermeulen played her instrument for the first time in public. That performance took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, during the Gaudeamus music week ( The Vermeulen flute is featured on Krieg’s opening track: ‘Der Krieg’, the poem by Georg Heym. The part was taken from Anestis Logothetis’ (1921 – 1994) composition ‘Globus für die Vermeulenflöte’ from 1978.