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Links to projects related to Krieg 1916:

Fantastic site (German language) about German history using historic and contemporary text/lyrics. A treasury of authentic letters, poems etc. from the 19th century onwards.

‘My Adopted Soldier’ is an initiative of a school teacher from Ireland who, in 2015, brought together 32 students from the island of Ireland, one from each county, to research a soldier from their community who fought in the First World War at the Battle of the Somme.  As part of the project the group were then brought to the Somme where they visited the battlefield sites and graves of the soldiers.  More details on the project can be found here:

Here you find photographer Steven van Koeverden’s project ww2untold, untold personal stories about World War 2. You’ll also find my father’s story on this site


Here you can find Hugo Luyten’s project Offer 1914. One of the project’s products is a novel about an ancestor of Hugo that fought in the same regiment as Bernhard Kronauer.

Offer 1914

During the commemoration of the Somme battle on July 1, 2016 I met the wonderful Patricia Hamel and Matt Redman. They did a fantastic and suitable performance at the German Commemoration in Fricourt. Here’s the link to Patricia’s website:

Patricia Hammond

In March 2017 the historic film The Battle of the Somme will be shown in Groningen and Assen, The Netherlands. A project orchestra wil perform music composed by Laura Rossi especially for the movie.

Somme 100 Noord