Lyrics Brüder – English

Brothers (Heinrich Lersch, 1915)

Before our wire there lay for long a dead man full in view:

The sun burned down upon him, he was cooled by wind and dew.

Day after day upon his pallid face I used to stare,

And ever grew more certain: ‘twas my brother lying there.


And often as I looked at him outstretched before my gaze,

I seemed to hear his merry voice from far-off peaceful days.

And in my dreams I heard him crying out and weeping sore,

“Ah, brother, dearest brother, do you love me then no more?”


At last I risked the bullets and the shrapnel-rain, and ran

And fetched him in, and buried… an unknown fellow man.

My eyes deceived me, but my heart proclaimed the truth to me:

In every dead man’s countenance a brother’s face I see.