“While there are numerous examples of poetry written by Germans during the First World War, very little of their work is available in English translations. Kurd Adler, Gottfried Benn, Gerrit Engleke, Franz Janowitz, Wilhelm Klemm, Alfred Lichtenstein, Ernst Stradler, August Stramm, and Ernest Toller are just a few of the names whose work has gained appreciation during and following the war. Several of these men wrote in a new style of writing, German Expressionism, which began in about 1909. The movement remained popular until about the mid-1920s.”

“The goal of expressionism was to represent feelings and moods, including psychological and spiritual reality, rather than just recording actual events. As a movement it extended into the world of drama and painting.”

Source: http://voiceseducation.org

On the poets pages you’ll find short biographies of the authors whose lyrics I’ve used to create ‘Krieg’. Expressionists like Klemm and Lichtenstein are amongst them, but also Dadaist Hugo Ball, the experimental Ernst Jandl and the patriotic Marie Rudofsky.