Facebook, 4 November 2017

Gezien-gehoord.nl , 25 February 2017

“Hendrik Jan Vermeulen has delivered very good work with “Krieg” […] in an appropriate manner and with respect for those who experienced the horrors of this war, “HJ” wrote music to the poems and puts the (German) text to notes in an inimitable way.”

Historiek.net , 12 February 2017

“All the more original is guitarist-composer Hendrik Jan Vermeulen’s music project, whose album “Krieg 1916″, with dramatic war poems and impressive German texts about ‘die Urkatastrophe’, carves into the heart of the listener.”

“Krieg 1916 is altogether an impressive musical project that imposes the futility of war in a different way than written text does. Hopefully this wonderful project of Vermeulen gets a sequel.”

Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia , 30 December 2016

“Krieg, an in-memoriam work of art, is a gift from a family member who despite never having a chance to meet or know more about his ancestor, got inspired enough with the story of his life to write music, curate a selection of war poems, and engage talented performers to combine these two elements into a solid unity.”

Dagblad van het Noorden , 30 December 2016

“A fascinating, poignant soundscape about the First World War put on sung and spoken German war poetry. Dark, menacing and comforting.”

Music maker , December 2016

“Krieg is more than a music album […], a radio play and a literary document, which also appears as a music album. But it is, however you look at it, also a unique album.”

De Gitarist , December 2016

“With “Krieg”, guitarist /composer Hendrik Jan Vermeulen […] has delivered a special album with the First World War as a theme.”

General-Anzeiger Bonn , 24 October 2016

“No Brachial outcry against the horrors of war, but a sensitive search for clues to give a forgotten one a voice.”

Stichting Studiecentrum Eerste Wereldoorlog , September 2016

“In a way Krieg is reminiscent of Die Einsturzende Neubeutens Lament, although Krieg is musically much more accessible. The project asks to be listened to like a kind of “rock opera”, but the tracks also remain intact separately.”

Offer 1914 , September 2016

“It is a catchy album that at moments grabs you by the throat […] The combination of rock makes it accessible to a wide audience.”